The beauty of polished concrete

At Choice Concrete, we are very experienced in installing concrete on the exterior surroundings of a property, such as driveways, patio areas, steps, and house entrances. However, we are also specialists in laying concrete floors for the interior of a house or in adjacent buildings on your land. And what better finish than a polished floor? In fact, polished concrete is suitable for indoor or outdoor surfaces. It’s durable and looks great.
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Power floated concrete

The surface of concrete can be very rough. It may have grooves or lumps, which may be fine for some locations, but not always desired in others. We utilise a power float machine to solve this problem. A power float machine is specifically designed to produce a smoother finish to the concrete. Its use reduces the time it takes to create such a finish, compared to traditional hand trowelling methods. Not only does the result look good, the concrete should last longer because, when power floated, it is denser.
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Benefits of polished and power floated concrete

  • Smooth
  • Durable
  • Professional looking
  • Visually attractive
  • Great for indoor flooring
  • Superb for outdoors too
  • Quick and easy method of creating or renewing a surface

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